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[APD] leaves dusty

Hi All,

Its been 3 months that I started off with this passion and its going
well. Off late, there is lot of dust that has accumulated on the
leaves and looks very dirty.
How do I get rid of that?

Easy thing would be to trim them to get fresh leaves but, I see the
dust keep getting back some how. I have put moss on a drift wood even
thats got too much dust.
I don't know how to solve that.
How do I get rid of it?

I started with small one and bought a big one now, but this dust is
disappointing me.

In my tank

Co2: 1 bubbles per 2 seconds.
ADA's Amazonia substrate
Inner filter with BIO RIO
Do Aqua's be green fertilizer, 1 cap per week when water refill.
Tank size is: 45x25x25
Water capacity would 10 gallons.

Fishes: Shrimps, neon tetras, rainbow tetras, mountain minow,
5 hours of lighting every day.

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