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[APD] Old tank, old list lurker, need CO2 advice


I've been on this list for what seems like forever.  I've also been feeding
bottled CO2 into my Eheim Pro 2's intake for what also seems like forever, on
a somwhat sloppily maintained 75g planted aquarium that is about 10 years old.
 The Eheim's seals have failed (I've replaced every seal inside and it still
leaks) and I have a replacement coming today.  I no longer want to feed CO2
into the Eheim.  I'm not sure what the best alternative is.  I did some
research and saw that the Rio 800 may work, but then I did more reading and
apparently it lets out a crazy strong stream of water.  I'm not trying to make
some crazy lush maintenance-intensive tank, but I do have a fair amount of
plants that I'd like to keep going.  I guess I'm just looking for some sort of
guidance as to what has become common practice over the last ten years.  My
setup is a 40lb CO2 tank with a Swagelok needle valve running into an Eheim
Pro 3.  I only have 110 watts of lighting but it seems to grow the plants I am
looking for, some of the plants are so old I can't even remember what they
are.  There's a Tropica fern that all I can remember was the variant was named
after the founder, some Crypts, a couple of varieties of Aponogeton, some sort
of dwarf sword.  Nothing crazy, but I think it's a fairly old tank for this
hobby and I'm pretty happy with it.

Thanks in advance,
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