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Re: [APD] Seachem Excel dosing

IMHO, if you have only fish in the tank, "over dosing" is not a  problem.  
IE twice the dosage did not effect my fish.  If you have  "critters" ie 
shrimp snails, that may be a problem.  Where is our good Dr  from Seachem??  
had an outbreak of clado that cleared up with the product.
I have had success in taking plants that were the main victims of the algae 
 and removing them from the tank, placing them into a plastic bag filled  
partially filled with a very very strong concentrated Excel/tankwater  
mixture.  10 times dosage??
  The plants didn't seem the worse for wear. Algae really didn't like  it 
much and after 4-5 days gave them a good rinsing and returned to tank. Seemed 
 to work better on anubias and ferns than small crypts. 
rich green
milton ma
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