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Re: [APD] Blackbeard algae control

On 28/11/2011 13:46, Neil D. Anderson wrote:

Thanks for your suggestion on controlling blackbeard algae. I have the same
problem‹i.e., reviving neglected tank, trying to rid it of out-of-control
blackbeard algae.

By overdosing Seachem Excel, can you be more specific? How much, how often
per volume?

I don't think I did mentioned Excel in our conversation.

But sources often say twice the normal dosage.

But it's risky (its a known toxic liquid) and doesn't stop future spores getting in and causing it all over again. Best to cure the root cause and dose with bacteria control?

I've also used Hydrogen peroxide in a small bottle and squirting 20ml of 6-9% in a 250L tank directly onto a clump of the algae daily.
This slowly does the job.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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