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Re: [APD] new tank lighting

Most computer cases are pretty lightweight, i.e. thin sheet metal. If
you're thinking about using one as a "ballast box" you'll probably need
to reinforce it -- especially if you were going to use HID ballasts
(heavy!). CF ballasts might be OK. Reinforcing could be easily made with
small aluminum angle stock.

I'd blank out unused holes either with plain old fan-style finger guards
(which are cheap and will fit the fan holes), or a square piece of
aluminum sheet (ideally 6061-T6 if it is flat, maybe 0.040"-0.050"
thick) for square holes (like the slot area). You could also just blank
all the slots with slot covers which are pretty easy to scounge for free
from anywhere that maintains a number of computers. 

Back when I build my ballast box for 2 x 175w MH ballasts I used an old
"airphone" enclosure. It was cheap, heavy-duty (thick aluminum chassis),
and well ventilated. The downside is those surplus-type enclosures are
usually in limited supply so you can't always find another if you need


> I don't know if anyone is interested but I am now thinking about using
> old computer case.  I figure if I remove everything from the inside it
> will
> be a spacious sheet metal box with mounting locations already built in
> fans that I could use to keep everything cool.  I just need to figure
> something to fill the holes on the back from where the power supply
> various cards used to be.
> Any suggestions, comment, or ideas are appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Matt W.

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