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Re: [APD] Check out NO HR 669

Stuart Scott wrote:
His family and the dog breeder's family received death threats, the breeder had every PA inspector inspect their kennels, charge them with I think, 12 charges, which all were thrown out of court but cost them $4000 in lawyers fees. The Bieden's were finally coerced into adopting a second dog to get PETA off their back. I'm am politically not a Bieden fan but they are decent people and don't deserve something like this.

Without knowing the situation and the charges, I can't comment. Perhaps they deserved it, or perhaps not. I don't know. Anecdotes do not serve as the basis for my opinions.

If you do some searches on the net you will find some amazing PETA actions. They are many times arrogant. Right in the first paragraph of the link I referred to is this statement: "it's completely irresponsible to breed dogs for profit. Period." They put the bold and this is right on their web site.

You say that as if it's something radical. I don't find that statement radical in the least. If the demand for dogs is X and you breed Y puppies, the demand for dogs is now X-Y regardless of whether they're purebreds. Although the population of dogs has gone up, the demand has just gone down. So, in the end, what did you just create in the name of making a dollar?

If they don't want us to breed dogs they can't be in favor of us breeding fish.

That's a large logical leap and I'm not willing to base my opinions on people or organizations on assumptions.

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