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Re: [APD] HR669

On quick glance I don't see where this would outright ban tropical
fish and other pets?  What I took from it is that it would provide
risk assessment to determine if a species has potential to cause harm
and based on that would ban some species.  There are quite a few
species that were imported for the pet trade that have become
established invasives in the United States and have greatly impacted
the environment and economy.

I noticed that the bill's sponser is from Guam.  I don't think the
Brown Tree Snake was imported as a pet or intentionally imported for
any reason.

This is really fueled by the latest incident where a pet chimp tore the face off its owner in CT. Look at the co-sponsors, a whole list of Dems from all over. Its being pushed by several radical Animal rights groups including PETA whose goal is to elimanate the pet trade. The only pets on the approved list in the bill are dogs, cats, goldfish and selected farm animals. Even breeding animals not on the list would be illegall. Thats it. Period.

Maybe this will give you more info:


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