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[APD] Cooler, brighter, better?

I plan to switch my fishroom from a collection of individual tanks  
with individual filters to a single air pump, with sponge filters, and  
at the same time, redo the lighting over the tanks.  I have no A/C so  
cooler is always better.  I am not looking for maximum light for high- 
light-requiring plants, just enough light to keep some slower growing  
and a few faster/floating plants happy; currently there are about 70  
watts of regular (non-compact) fluorescent lights over the 29G tanks.

Naturally, I've got a lot of questions.

I know that the AH Supply kits have a good reputation for maximizing  
the performance of the bulbs used, but the coralife strip lights with  
mounting legs that the lights above the tank look like they might hold  
in the heat less than the wood fixtures suggested for the AH Supply  
kits.  Any thoughts for how to weigh the maybe higher light output of  
the AH Supply kit against the maybe cooler coralife kits?  Or links to  
plans for a cooler housing for the AH supply kits?

Some of the tanks I'd like to retrofit are 12 gallon nanocube tanks  
from jbj, which are too small for the AH Supply kits, and probably I  
should redo my 3G Eclipse tanks as well.  These are 18" wide and 12"  
wide, respectively.  Any suggestions for compact fluorescent lighting  
options for these smaller tanks?

Diane in Los Angeles


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