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[APD] Tadpoles as algae control

During the spring and summer months, I like to visit the vernal pools
near my house (really, nothing more than large puddles where the land
has been cleared but houses have not yet been built) and collect
tadpoles. Within a few weeks they're grown and I release them again, so
they make enjoyable temporary pets.

At any rate, I've found that they make for a very excellent algae
cleaning squad. I keep them in my largely neglected quarantine tank,
and they make very short work of the green slime that tends to collect
there. While I've got them, I can even leave the light on 24/7 without
ill effect. My plants remain unmolested.

I figured they were worth mention as a free, quick, and temporary algae
fix. Odds are good that you have some near you, and if you visit the
pools at the right time, it's easy to catch several dozen in a matter
of minutes. They'll help clear up the green in the short run, and once
you've fixed your parameters, they're ready to leave.

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