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[APD] Crypts in the garden

According to all the media everybody's planting "Victory Gardens". Victory
over what I'm not sure. Prosperity and common sense maybe. At any rate
if you've even thought about this go look at http://rareseeds.com right now.

I have a bunch of yellow lady slipper orchids in my garden that came in
as volunteers; now I have almost two dozen; they seem to like it here. They
like it dark and cool and moist.

Every few years I put a Cryptocoryne tank outside in the sun and then
do nothing and the plants flower and spread runners. Sometimes I even
remember to bring them in before the first hard frost too, although the barn
half full of cracked tanks indicates I'm not always successful.

But I figure anywhere a lady slipper will grow a crypt will grow to
as long as it's able to stay moist enough. One of my dutch killi friends'
dad sticks them in a half barrel of manure in the full sun and has
tremendous success.

If you have spare Crypts and some sort of glass container, a glass flowerpot
would be ideal, it might be worth trying them in a cool garden as 
specimen plants.
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