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Re: [APD] Question about Yellowing Anubias


Two things I can think of that might be the problem.
1. Did you bury the rhizome when you planted it in the gravel? The rhizome should be above the gravel. Though I disagree with the statement that Anubias must be planted on driftwood or the like to be successful, you do have to make sure that the rhizome is not buried beneath the substrate.
2. Nutrient deficiency - perhaps Iron or Potassium? Do a google search on aquarium plant nutrient deficiencies or something like that. There's a couple of charts online that specifcy various symptoms for different nutrient deficiencies. Though you mention that you have good light and good CO2, you did not state anything about your fertilization regimine or substrate composition. If you are not supplementing nutrients then this may be your problem. It can also be too much of a given nutrient. For instance too much Magnesium blocks uptake of Poteassium. 

Something to think about anyway. Keep us posted and good luck!

Kevin R. Stringer

> > From: Fred Furnari <bassbar at comcast_net>
> > Date: November 28, 2007 12:15:23 PM EST
> > To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> > Subject: yellowing annubias plant
> >
> > any words of advice about what to do to save my annubias?  I have a
> > 10 gal aquarium with good Co2,  good lighting, etc. My other plants
> > grow great in the tank but the 8 month old annubia keeps looking
> > more sickly every month.  It puts out yellowing leaves that fall
> > off the plant... at the same time, the plant continues to make a
> > profusion of green roots .  Are tons of green roots normal in
> > anubias?  I'm thinking that a huge profusion of roots and yellowed
> > leaves indicates either a problem with lighting ( I have about 2
> > watts/ gal)  or a probllem with nutrients... yet no other plants in
> > the tank have any of these symptoms.  any advice would be much
> > appreciated.

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