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[APD] New 30 gallon


I set up a 30 gallon (36x12x16) tanking using the low tech, no CO2
method outlined by Tom Barr. My hope is to stock it with a lot of very
little fish. The only fish in there right now are 4 Celestial Pearl
Danios. I hope to pick up 4-6 more of these at some time. I plan to
add 5-6 Otto cats and cherry shrimp.

I would like another small schooling fish such as Threadfin
rainbowfish, Axelrods rasbora, Endlers livebearers, or Dwarf cories. I
also would like a few interesting little fish like sparkling gouramis
and scarlet badis.

My question is compatibility in general of the fish I have named
especially the badis.  If I kept a group of 3-4 badis and 3-4
sparkling gouramis would there be a lot of squabling over territory?
Both are anabantids, and the badis have a reputation on the net when
they are breeding. If the badis start breeding would they be too
territorial for the delicate tendancies of the threadfin rainbows?

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