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Re: [APD] Green Water

At 02:28 PM 11/27/07 -0800, you wrote:
>Algae are like any other living thing.

Actually not, algae's not likr a rabbit or a badger or a cat
where if you don't can tit you just, you know, get rid of it.
algae is ten million little green cells all mooning you in disdain

You only get it if you have too little plants to water or, 
conversely, too much water for the plants you have.  Besides
the suspended stuff you aldo get it accumulating on the bottom
and under bits of rock or flowerpots, you'd be surprised how
much can setttle under there.

You have to a) get rid of all of it with a uv filter or diatom filter
then b) either add a lot of fast growing plants or cut way down on the

I find that big clumps of moss or java fern seem to keep it in abatement,
You mever see a tank full of java moss with green water and that's not because
of some bizarreo chemical that the moss releases that kills algae.


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