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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 51, Issue 21

The co2 goes into the "filter line" about 6' below the surface on the
water.  It goes in before the Quiet One pump.  There is no filter on
the tank, there has never been one.  With only 1 guppy in the tank (an
and otto and some clams) there's not much to process.  In 6-8 years I
have never had a filter.  The bubble come out very fine and have a
long contact time.

The Green water persists.  even with the water changes.

About the green water in the summer tanks.  I never fed the fish in
there.  They would subsist on bugs, and a lot of bugs landed.  So with
snails and stuff I would assume the dead bugs would just make ammonia
like the fish. It was amazing because after Daphnia the water would be
sparkling. Put the fish in, well they did eat the daphinia so I guess
we got ammonia from that, and within a day, boom Green water!

I hope to catch that guppy and throw in the daphnia, but she's whieley.


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> Try Tropica also.
> TerryB
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> Are you injecting carbon dioxide into the water column?
> > Looking on the long access of the tank even after the massive water
> > changes there's still some hazieness but it looks good.  I started up
> > with the PMDD and it seems to be doing well.  The plants are pearling
> > etc. I may add some really fast growing plants.
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Adam Novitt

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