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[APD] Green Water Response


>From what I've learned over the last few years, algae is caused by a lack of nutrients or even a single nutrient that inhibits plant growth. Algae is proven to be triggered by NH3 or NH4 especially coupled with NO3 (Nitrate). Based on the fact that you are running high lighting but are not providing any additional nutrients through fertilization, I would suggest that your green water is being caused by the fact that your plants are inhibited from proper growth based on the amount of lighting you have. I would strongly suggest a fertilization regimine that covers all your macro and micro nutrients. PMDD is best for this really as it gives you more control and buying the ferts in bulk as well as having the individual nutrients themselves gives you a cost effective solution for fertilization that you have complete control over. It does take some time to figure out proper dosing depending on how heavily planted your tank is and what kind of plants you have
 (slower growing plants such as anubias and java ferns don't uptake nutrients as quickly as plants like swords for instance). I struggled with green water in a very similar situation to what you describe. When I started practicing PMDD using the Estimative Index (EI), the green water cleared up quickly and never came back. I highly recommend this particular fertilization strategy. There is a lot of great information about fertilization at www.barrreport.com. CO2 injection for high light tanks is crucial and you have to make sure that you are providing enough CO2 as to not further inhibit plant growth. However, it is the balance of light, CO2, and nutrients in a plentiful supply that maximize plant growth and allow plants to outcompete algae for resources.

Leaf zone and some other off the shelf fertilizers may not be providing all the nutrients you need in your tank or may be providing too much of a specific nutrient. Also, if you live in an area with softer water, don't forget that you'll need to bolster your calcium and magnesium levels as these are usually deficient in softer water. 

Hope this information helps!

Kevin R. Stringer

Hi All.

Um.  I don't test co2 levels so I don't know.  All I can say is the
tank is pH neutral and it stays that way. It's polly around 30-40
bubbles per minute in hte line before the Quiet One Pump. I am not
The pH does not budge and the water isn't very hard at all.

I've been through a couple fert regimes but discontinued then both, I
had been using the old Krib PMDD then stopped when it didn't help and
did Kent leaf zone for a bit.

I have to say I have about 6 years of planted tanks behind me and I
have never seen it like this.  Usually it clears after a while.

I think I have 12 hours more or less.  Maybe a bit more.

thanks and I hope someonehas a suggestion.  Drop it down to 10 hours?
What do people think?


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