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Re: [APD] Green water advice

I know it sounds strange, but this does work.  You're supposed to
fertilize the water column with a fertilizer such as PMDD (Poor Man's
Dupla Drops).  Don't bother buying the expensive Tropica product,
making it yourself is a lot cheaper, and the only downside is that you
will have to keep it refrigerated unless you use some kind of

It's supposed to balance the water column.  When you fertilize the
water properly, it makes certain nutrients available for the plants
which to my understanding causes the plants to absorb the excess

You may also want to invest in a nitrate (As well as Ammonia and
Nitrite) testing kit.  Your nitrite level should always be very low
while the nitrate level can be moderately low to medium depending on
the fish load (Though a 0 nitrate level is also O.k as long as your
ammonia and nitrite level is low too).  The science behind that when
the bacterial cycle is functioning as it should be, it is converting
the nitrites into nitrate.  When the filter is clogged or there is
insufficient bacterial filtration, you will see a spike in ammonia and
nitrite levels.

Here is a great guide to making PMDD:

Good Luck,

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> Subject: [APD] Green water advice
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> Hi,
> I am having an aweful time with a "newly" set up tank.  It's been up
> since Sept. I've tried UV and Hot Magum micron filtering, the green
> water come back.
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