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[APD] Green water advice


I am having an aweful time with a "newly" set up tank.  It's been up
since Sept. I've tried UV and Hot Magum micron filtering, the green
water come back.

I have 210 watts of CF lighting, co2 injection and nearly neutral tap
water and under gravel heating with flourite. it's a 75 gallon tank.
It was set up for four years, taken down, the gravel washed and re set
up with mostly slowish growing plants.  There's only a betta, a guppy
and 2 ottos and some shrimp (3 wood and some ghost) and Asian clams.
I am not over feeding.  The plants went out in the back yard this
summer and the tanks has intense green water then and I would clear it
periodically with daphinia.  (I had extra tanks I put outside) but I
am wondering if I made some super strain of green water.  I cant clear
it with daphnia (they seem to do a great job) since I cant net the
fish out from the plants.  They are effective hiders.

I am now trying many, many water changes.  About 20% per day, 2-3
times per day. The tank is plumbed into the house so it's easy.

Any suggestions?




Adam Novitt

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