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Re: [APD] submitted for your advice

John F. Hess wrote:
> Hi folks,
> A couple months ago, I submitted an email with an URL to some  
> pictures of my 55g tank and asked for advice about the plants.   
> general consensus was that nutrients were limiting, in particular,  
> nitrate, so I upped the CO2 by lowering the pH set point on my set up  
> and did more dosing with dry chemicals (Nitrate, phosphate, potassium  
> and sulfate) Tom Barr gave me when I set up the tank (he lives in  
> town).  The net result was a real good culture system for  
> cyanobacter.  I had thick sheets of dark green algae growing on  
> plants and the walls and the gravel.  I was kind of busy at the end  
> of October, but during Sept and Oct, did water changes and dosing and  
> suctioning of the algae, trying to get things "corrected".  Well, I  
> grew a good amount of algae, and the plants didn't really perk up and  
> I couldn't deal with it.

Something's not right. A mislabeled chemical, a typo in dosages, etc.

> Since I had the day off, I went to Woodland and got CO2.  $46 for 5  
> lbs from Airgas.  What do other people pay?

I paid thirty-some dollars because they had to exchange my tank for one 
that was pressure tested. Had I just filled up the tank it would have 
been about $20. That's at Airgas locally.

> I've done a reasonable amount of surfing and reading and am still not  
> sure whether 2 54w T5 bubs is low light or medium (over a 55g tank).

It's towards the lower end, but not quite low. It's a little subjective.

"Drilling wells is boring."

Jerry Baker
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