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[APD] Birth announcement

No, I haven't had any more kids. Are you crazy?

But it's baby plant season here apparantly at casa de Cryptocoryne.

First C. usteriana (the Marco form I obtained from Kai Witte in Germany)
is sending out all sorts of runners the little rascal. Here's some bad pics
of one of them:

And just to keep this post authentic here are some gratuitous killifish
pictures I took a couple of days ago of some bluefin killies that came into
a local petshop with ghost shrimp. 

I'm not sure why there's so much red in the fins of the bluefin killi. Maybe
it's one of those red state/blue state things and the fish is changing sides
or something. I dunno.

Lucaina goodei - http://images.killi.net/g/GOO/


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