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Re: [APD] Growing Conditions


Substrate: Attach to wood or rocks until they attach themselves via the 
roots. Don't plant the rhizome in the substrate. It will rot.

Light: subdued, low light: 1 to 1.5 watts per gallon will work. Or grow in 
the shade of other plants in high light tanks. I had some growing in a sump 
attached to rocks in a tank covered 90% with duckweed. They were in really 
dim light. No algae on the leaves and nice growth. In higher light, you can 
see green spot algae.

Water: I had mine in a Lake Tanganyika water tank: pH 8.5, very hard water 
via added Seachem Lake salts, High Alkalinity via Seachem buffer. Others 
grow in soft water acid water. Lesson- water parameters don't matter. You 
can also grow them in a terrarium/paludarium without water as long as you 
have high humidity.

Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ

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>Subject: [APD] Growing Conditions
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>Hi All,
>What do you find to be best growing conditions for Anubias?
>Light,medium,water,temp.ph,dh etc.....

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