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[APD] Aqua-LED lighting assembly

I saw one of these just the other day at one of the local LFS I frequent. I had no idea what it was but it was fascinating. I'd be really interested to know the price point of something like this. I'd also be curious (and very interested) if they will be offering a model specifc to the light needs of a planted tank. Marine tanks need much more of the blue spectrum and having something like this for plants with a proper balance of Blue, Green, and Red spectrums would be oh-so-cool! Considering that I have one planted tank, and two more that I'm working towards converting to planted tanks, not having to change bulbs all the time would be a HUGE motiviation to invest in a lighting unit like this.

Wow. Cool. I wonder if some of the experts of the group like Tom Barr have any info on this?

Kevin R. Stringer

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Subject: [APD] Aquarium LED light unit coming on sale
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Came across this in PFK this month.


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