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Re: [APD] Heating, etc

<<What does cyanobacteria have to do with nuclear plants?<<

The major cyano outbreaks in the NW USA during the late summer occurred in
the pools behind large hydro dams during low water periods.  Apparently that
is an annual happening.  The nuclear link?  To the best of my knowledge
nuclear generating plants to not cause BGA outbreaks, another advantage of

Nuclear generating plants do not cause significant thermal pollution either.
Most of their cooling comes from evaporation and condensation.  (See
"Cooling Tower".)  There are two nukes within a mile of my house outside of
Philadelphia.  They do draw some water from the Schuylkill River, a smaller
stream that gets too shallow for comfortable kayaking in the late summer,
upstream of the plants.  The plants are non-factors in the river ecosystem,
and they are closely monitored.

Here's a link to an article at the Trout Unlimited site, about hydropower
and its effect on fisheries.  It's interesting and educational.


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