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Re: [APD] Aquarium sand

>Not to be anal or anything, but I read that it's a good idea to test
>the substrate first in a strong acid to see if there is too much
>calcium (It will fizz), which would make the water hard.

If you have enough plants they'll suck the calcium right out. I keep coral
in some of my tanks to mitigate this and think nothing of using limestone.

Sandy probably wants it for killies though as that's pretty much what the
esteemed Mr. Binder keeps so it might not be a bad idea after all.

>Don't forget to buy metal weights because the sand may not be able to
>grip the roots.

I've never needed that.

>I've always wanted a sand aquarium with live cultures of tubifex or
>blood worms and kuhli loaches.  Now that would be cool.

Bloodworms are pelagic. Tubifex living in the sand is not what you
want, when, not if they die they pollute the substrate something


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