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Re: [APD] Heating, etc

bill wrote:
> This is an example of a free society at its worst, when a small number of
> activists and the uninformed can sway the majority away from the only
> logical way of meeting our long term energy needs without the environmental
> disaster that the only alternative, coal, would cause.  However, even
> extreme environmentalists are starting to understand that, so there is hope.

Is it your position, then, that global warming is a real phenomenon and 
caused by the burning of fossil fuels? If you don't believe that to be 
the case, then for what are your proposing nuclear power as a solution?

> It would be interesting to compare and contrast the number of injuries that
> are caused each year by the "leakage' of anything from nuclear power plants,
> to the number of deaths and injuries that come directly from the mining of
> coal every year in this country.  I think the score is about 50 deaths and
> 25,000 injuries zero, but I could be wrong.

Are you saying that in this special case of nuclear power, you don't 
believe in the invisible hand of the free market creating the optimal 
solution? You do know that nuclear power is more expensive than other 
power, right?
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