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Re: [APD] Heating, etc

Moishe said, 

>>Fusion or cold fusion.  A technology we are far more closer to than you

>>And even without fusion, atomic energy is so damn efficient and
>>inexpensive, one can only remain dumbfounded as to why they're paying
>>gigantic hydro bills.>>


This is an example of a free society at its worst, when a small number of
activists and the uninformed can sway the majority away from the only
logical way of meeting our long term energy needs without the environmental
disaster that the only alternative, coal, would cause.  However, even
extreme environmentalists are starting to understand that, so there is hope.

And to be sure that this has an aquatic plant element, several of the hydro
lakes in the northwest USA have recently had BGA outbreaks severe enough to
have made the Havaria world wide "emergencies" map, in August, I believe.

And Jerry replied to Mosishe:

>>Because last I checked dams don't leak thorium into the water table.>>

No, but they are responsible for the extermination of runs of Atlantic and
Pacific Salmon, steelhead trout, and a number of other species and strains
of anadromous fish, and have devastated entire watersheds.

It would be interesting to compare and contrast the number of injuries that
are caused each year by the "leakage' of anything from nuclear power plants,
to the number of deaths and injuries that come directly from the mining of
coal every year in this country.  I think the score is about 50 deaths and
25,000 injuries zero, but I could be wrong.


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