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[APD] 2007 Aquascaping Contest Entries -- sneak preview

Quickie forwarded note from the AGA forum:

We're opening the aquascaping contest tonight/this afternoon, but if 
you're familiar with the bittorrent protocol, you can download the entire 
contest (89 megabyes!) results RIGHT NOW, and view it at your leisure on 
your own local hard drive.  Our only request is that you leave your client 
up to help share the bandwidth and ease the load on the website, which 
will be swamped tonight (we had 191 entries this year, compared with 120 
last year!).

The torrent file can be downloaded at


Once the download is complete, unpack the .zip file, which will create a 
directory aga2007-archive, which in turn has a file "DEFAULT.HTM".  Click 
on that file and you'll be up and running.

I'll leave it to others to spread the word on how to use bittorrent this 
time, as my kids are tugging at my arms to get out of the house right now. 
For everyone else, see you tonight on the main site.

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