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Re: [APD] Natural gas heating vs coil heater

Moishe Wasserman wrote:
> The cost for the amount of heating you will need, oh let's say (guess) very
> liberally at 10 watts per gallon (I always used a 100 watt in my ten gallon
> tanks which may have been somewhat overkill), with a DEDICATED standard coil
> heater will far outweigh the combination of natural gas room heating and
> less coil heating.

In terms of heat produced per unit cost, natural gas is significantly 
more efficient for heating purposes. The economics comes down to the 
effectiveness of the insulation, and the size of the space containing 
the tanks. If it's a smallish, interior room or basement, it will 
probably be much cheaper to use natural gas.

> Not on a strictly economic basis of course, because everyone knows that
> electricity can be produced infinitesimally whilst natural gas is a limited
> resource

What, exactly, do you propose as the energy source for these infinite 
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