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Re: [APD] giant water bug

>> http://www.eduwebs.org/bugs/giant_water_bug.htm
>Eyuch.  What a disgusting little predacious insect.  How in god's name did
>it survive that long without

It must have come in when i collected beach sand from a local beach.

I'm assuming it ate insects. This probably explains the odd hollo
fly carcasses I found there. This thing injects digestive enzymes
into its prety then sucks all the contents of the body out.

It's listed as eating insects, fish and frogs.

That's right *frogs*. An insect that eats frogs.

It really is the moral equivalent of the xenomorph in "Alien";
I can't imagine any fish this size of a foot long cichlid or maybe
full grown pirana that might eat it. Certainly no killfish could
tackle an adult.

You really have to see one of these things up close to get
the full feeling of horror. It's one of the nastiest organisms
I've ever seen, and I had never heard of one or even knew they

My daughters claim they'll never swim in that lake again. Ever.


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