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Re: [APD] Help me prevent a fatal accident or injury

Jerry Smith wrote:
> Jerry
> I am not an electrician but I speak to the one at work here often. He has 
> wired electronic ballasts for me for my tanks. He does use a special wire 
> for fluorescent ballasts. Go to an electrical supply house and ask them for 
> the proper wire. You really are making a mistake just using extension cords 
> to wire the ballasts. I can ask our electrician tomorrow what type wire you 
> need if you list the information on the ballast and socket. I don' t know if 
> there is other information I need. If you want me to call you with it, send 
> a private email with the phone number and the best time to call. I am in NJ 
> and at work till 4:30 PM. The electrician is gone now.

Thank you for the offer, but I am already in the process. I have to find 
different connectors too as they're only rated for 300V. Ugh. I dunno 
what I was thinking. The lights operate at 130V, but for some reason I 
forgot about the pulse start.

Jerry Baker
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