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Re: [APD] Plant ID

Joel wrote:

>I bought some plants at petco a couple a weeks ago
>and they didn't have any identification cards of any
>sort which was kind of anonying. While I've had
>no problem identifying most of them, I can't seem
>to find this one in any books or sites online. Can
>anyone tell me what this is?

Hi, Joel.  In case you've not yet received an ID, "El planto" is the 
emerse form of Hygrophila difformis, aka Water Wisteria.  Many shops, 
especially the chain stores, sell it in this form.  In time, its 
appearance will alter drastically for the better.  If you look at the 
youngest leaves at the top of the plant, you can see that they are 
already changing their shape and have a healthier appearance compared 
to the older leaves which are dying (hence their cruddy appearance). 
Give the plant some time to establish itself, then pull the stems up 
and trim off those skanky bottoms.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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