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Re: [APD] growing Tonia

Probably doesn¹t matter who done the dung as long it was an old ungulate
that pooped out well weathered stuff, desert ungulates do old well dried
dung.  :-)

I have trouble growing tonina.   I just got some more to try.

Have been hanging around the cattle export yards at Humpty Doo.  Twenty
dollars will get you a trailer load of well weathered cattle droppings.
Might not be too good for some plants but makes others go really well.

I also have a pack of small dinosaurs out there in the back paddock that
poop out dinosaur dung.  There are pictures of my dinosaurs here



On 27/2/06 2:42 PM, "william ruyle" <inquartata at comcast_net> wrote:

> Dave, fascinating post. Just wondering if bull dung could be
> substituted for the cow dung, as long as it is weathered--just
> curious, is all;-)

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