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Re: [APD] growing Tonia

There is a nice young chap in Melbourne who can grow beautiful Tonina and
plenty of it.   I have been asking him lots of questions and I don¹t think
he has heard of those commercial potting soils mentioned previously.   He
says as long as the pH is below neutral and there is some well weathered cow
shit and peat (not too much, I don't know how much is not too much) in the
soil it will be OK.   He uses CO2 for pH control.

Is it possible that Tonina could be one of those plants like Eriocaulon
setaceum that takes some or all of its carbon from the substrate.


On 27/2/06 5:30 AM, "cS" <justwrite_cs at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Well, I have grown Tonia at higher rates than these other folks using
> flourite alone. So........I really do not keep secrets...and folks
> have heard what I do, the plants grow well.
> This is the problem Tom.  You seem to be the ONLY one to be able to
> grow it "well" without using Aquasoil/Florabase.  Yes, I know your
> secrets: good light, CO2 mist, and adequate nutrients.  But for the
> rest of us, and I do mean that literally, the result has yet to be
> duplicated.
> But surely you have been at this for much longer than I have and you
> frequent more forums in more countries than I ever hope to.  Would you
> point me to an instance in which someone, beside yourself, who noted
> that s/he was able to grow these species without the aid of Aquasoil
> or Florabase?
>> They do grow a little better in ADA soil, but so what? It's only a
> few plant species that seem to do better, much more an exception.
> No Tom.  Not "a little".  A LOT.  The difference is like night and
> day.  Maybe I am just an awful gardener but it becomes suspicious when
> I have yet to come across anyone else who can make the same claim as
> you do.  If anyone reading this who is successful at growing this
> species well without using Aquasoil/Florabase, then please speak up.
> - cS -
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