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Re: [APD] Plant ID

Hi Joel,

Well here comes my very biased and pessimistic answer.  When it comes to the
big box pet food stores, forget about them having much of a clue about
anything.  Unfortunately they are pretty much the only game in town here and
I could fill a book with the idiocy I deal with nearly every time I go into
one of these stores.   My latest rant was (last week)  about the condition
of about 60 dead and dying bettas in their little cups.

I do buy stem plants from them with little problem.   Always be suspicious
of the plants in rock wool pots.  After awhile, you will learn more about
aquatic plants and be able to spot the fakes.

Corporate just sends the stuff and the stores just put it out for sale.  My
best recommendation is to just ask for a refund.  You could also plant it
outside where it will thrive and keep your blood pressure low - I use mondo
grass (Ophiopogon japonicus)  in part of my yard to replace regular grass
(fescue won't grow well in shade - mondo does).  LOL.

Best of Luck.

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