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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 30, Issue 66

"It's not uncommon, especially among endurance
athletes.  For example, water intoxication was
reported in 18% of marathon runners and in 29% of
the finishers in a Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon in
studies published around 2000 in the _Annals_of_
_Internal_Medicine_ and in _Medicine_&_Science_in_
_Sports_&_Exercise_ respectively (not exactly
junk science rags)."

Well, I can attest to this doing lots of cycling and running. I
did 80 miles yesterday through the hills on my road bike.
Gobbled at turkey's, mooed at cows, winked at the gals, curse at
by motorist. That's why we crazy bikers/runners etc drink sport
drinks with simple sugars and salt.

I need about 20-30oz per 20 miles in 90F high RH, I only need
1/2 that when it's 60F and low RH. Powerbars, protein drinks
etc. Humm yum:)  

But those folks are not going to have any better results
drinking tap water vs RO, they need a lot more salt, the
NaCl/KCL type mostly, not the KH/GH type which concerns us.
And few folks are riding 80 miles nor running marathons nor
doing trialthalon here, that is a fraction of precent and these
folks know what they need to eat to perform well already. 

I can add the salt from a bottle of gatorade, or the tap, or
distilled + gatorade.

What matters is getting enough salt if you have a high use for
it, and the other flip side is getting rid of the excess salt if
you eat foods high in salt.

Then the distilled water would help........

Tom Barr

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