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Re: [APD] Human health from drinking pure waters

Ummm.....folks do eat and drink things beside just water?
Most food is loaded with salts.........oh my, your body might
actually store and regulate those salts somehow also?

The total amount of salt intake from ALL sources, not just the
small fraction in most cases from tap, is the __real issue__
that the wonky water people always forget(on purpose or from
ignorance)to mention.

If I add a teaspoon of salt to my water before I drink
it........or add it to my sandwich, what difference will it make
to my electrolye content?


So if I dilute my high food salt content down, great.
I drink salt sport drinks if I need to do some serious exercise

If you normally do not get enough salt, then a little extra
might help from tap. But we almost always eat excess salt and
flush it right out, so why would I need more salt if I typically
eat more than the demand?

I don't.
How do those fish manage to survive in water with no salt
content and very low conductivity?

No, they eat other critters/things with salt and they keep the
salt and regulate it within their bodies. Our body regulates
salt content as well.  

Tom Barr

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