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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 30, Issue 61

> Hi Tom.  Thank you for providing those links.  Let's see if I
> can
> adequately convey my confusion.

The links were to show that you can use it and why, and that
many folks have done this over the years, for large scale KH
issues, acid is a good option.

But controlling it consistently will be more tricky that you
think. People get lazy, they stop testing, then they think they
can wing it. Then they do kill fish. RO+ tap will not do that.

I've done it, the water will heat up etc, so it needs approached
like making a batch of SW for a reef tank etc.

But let's take your arguement a step further, why not use peat
moss to lower hardness?

It's safer than acid........
> >My question to you is: why can you ___not use RO__?
> Foremost, curiosity because like I said: my tap water is very
> "good"
> (0 dGH/dKH). :) 

Well.........if you have a practical issue here, make that clear
or not, I saw that quip and thought it applied to someone else's
tap that you quoted......

 Second, because if a strong acid can easily
> and
> safely remove KH then it is as easy if not easier and less
> expensive
> to use than a RO unit.

But cost is often not the only issue at hand.
Many folks are uncomfortable using acid, it takes testing, it
takes a container to pre mix and make sure it's run to
completion, there are far more chances for Murphy's law to come

I cannot suggest acid over RO.
I suppose for a tiny tank, but then again, bottle water will do
the trick also and might save far more labor and cost about the

If you consider the testing and the time it takes, and you paid
yourself say 5$ an hour, the bottle water might seem like a
better option:)

My RO?
I turn a spigit.
Wait for the vat to fill, mix in some tap, done.
I also use it for drinking water.
I would not drink no acid water.

Tom Barr


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