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Re: [APD] Don't Drink Distilled Water [SAFETY] (was "Storing large amounts of RO water")

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Do you really expect me to believe that losing 60 mg of electrolytes per 
> day is going to hurt you? That's the difference between distilled water 
> and R/O water if you drink two liters a day. If you have soft tap water 
> it might be 150 mg. I'm not convinced.

What we need is a study that shows increased excretion of electrolytes 
and minerals in urine when drinking distilled/DI water. Failing that, 
there can be no conclusion that doing so causes mineral/electrolyte loss.

I can't figure out how this alleged loss mechanism is supposed to work. 
Is the reasoning that more electrolytes dissolve in distilled water vs. 
"regular" water? If so, where are these electrolytes supposed to be in 
your body before they are dissolved by this dangerous water? Seems to me 
they are already dissolved in your blood. Perhaps the argument is that 
somehow creating a slightly weaker solution will cause you to lose the 
solutes? I dunno. Sounds very dubious.

It really sounds to me like alarmist reasoning invented by someone who 
only understands enough chemistry to get themselves into trouble. It's 
along the same lines as the toxicity arguments against sucralose because 
it contains chlorine. We all know chlorine is toxic, so it follows that 
chlorinated sugar must be toxic right? Who wants to put toxic chlorine 
in their body? Using that line of reasoning you would think that 
chlorinating pure sodium would be highly toxic, but somehow it isn't.

Jerry Baker
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