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It's not that funny folks and it's not that difficult to imagine how
someone would think that it's pornography when the first three images
you see is of

1) some provocative lady enticing us to do something naughty,
2) a product called "ASHHOLE", followed by
3) a phallic photograph with an invitation to view some "exhibition".

Top it off and the BREAKING NEWS section screams "The Ashhole is in
stock".  The first time I visited the site, I didn't notice those
things because I went straight to the PRODUCTS section as Vaughn
instructed.  When I came back to the site to see this "pornography", I
am treated to those items.  I admittedly also thought it was
pornography until I JUST took a second look before writing this post.

I didn't know "real" pornography is even more risqué!  Time to slip my
Congressman a couple million dolla...I mean write my Congressman.

These pants are a little tight.

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