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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 30, Issue 45

What about differences in your watter supplies. could there be something 
  about his water that makes excel more toxic in his tank than in yours? 
I'm thinking about effects of ph on copper toxicity, and that sort of thing.

-Matt Andrews

Thomas Barr wrote:
>>I think what I am learning here Tom is that I need to build up
>>to the amount 
>>you recommend.
> I just added it.
> No build up.
>>Also, you say I should bark up another tree, but then mention
>>previous to 
>>that statement that you have less light in your tanks then
>>mine.  Is this a 
>>factor?  You never elaborate on why less light might mean
> Less light=> less uptake.
> I have a 13w light, but it's about 5" above the surface.
> The idea is the same as people claiming PO4 causes algae, I add
> the Excel, no fish/shrimp death, good plant growth, no issues.
> So in order for us to accept that the excess excel was killing
> fish/causing issues, why wouldn't I also see a similar effect?
> I mean it would have to hold valid in both cases and be
> repeatable and testable. 
> Mere observation alone has severe limitations.
>>I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed with plants, but
>>with fish and 
>>aquariums in general I do have extensive knowledge and
>>experience.  When you 
>>change water, removing any and all contaminants, and then add
>>back into the tank except the item you think is causing the
>>problems (in 
>>this case, the Excel), and fish activity begins to return to
>>found your cause of the trouble.
> No. Mere observation alone has severe limitations.
> See above, testable, repeatable.
> That's why I said bark up another tree, I'm adding at least that
> much. Cherries are breeding quite well, killis doing great.
>>In the days since Friday's water change, I have seen a big
>>improvement in 
>>fish activity since I have backed off my dosing to follow the
>>dosing amount 
>>indicated on the bottle.
>>Michael Laflamme
>>spicolte at hotmail_com

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