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Re: [APD] Storing large amounts of RO water & reconditioning RO water

Steve B wrote:
> Jerry,
>   OK, I understand now, so I need a hardness test kit.  Then I determine what hardness I want the water to be at based on the level of CO2 I want dissolved in the water, and does a 2:1 mixture until I achieve that hardness, and use the CO2 table.
>   What type of hardness does this produce?  KH or GH?  It makes a difference in test kits, I've read that somewhere...
>   Stop me if I'm wrong  ;-)

Changing your hardness will have no effect on CO2, nor will changing CO2 
have an effect on hardness. The CO2/hardness relationship affects pH. 
You cannot alter hardness or pH and get more CO2, and likewise adding 
CO2 will not change hardness. To get more CO2, you have to put more in.

The hardness you want depends on the fish and plants you want to keep. 
As a general rule, anything between 50 and 200 ppm hardness will be fine 
for almost everything commonly kept. You should then inject CO2 until 
your pH reading combined with your hardness tells you that you are 
somewhere between 20 - 30ppm CO2.


Jerry Baker
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