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[APD] Hallelujah! - Ballast Nirvana

I think I finally stumbled onto the right ballasts for my 150W Iwasaki 
6500K bulbs. As I reported earlier Hellolights allowed me to come into 
their shop and test out some ballasts. Their house ballast 
(http://www.hellolights.com/aroba15mh.html) worked great, and the 
manufacturer is in the next building over to boot. It doesn't even make 
a noise with my ear pressed to the ballast. Awesome! The lights have 
been running for about a half hour with no malfunction other than some 
brief flickering a minute or two after starting up. Hellolights were all 
very pleasant people and perfectly happy to help. I recommend them 
highly for any lighting needs you have.

Jerry Baker
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