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Re: [APD] Storing large amounts of RO water & reconditioning RO water

Steve B wrote:
> Thanks Jerry, that was my next question!  I was either gonna google it or ask you where you can find that stuff...
>   A follow up question for Jerry:
>   You say 2 parts CaCO3 and 1 part MgCO3...  per what?  Gallon?  I'm confused regarding your terminology for dosing.
>   Thanks for any clarification!

Per whatever. If it was a lake you might dose two tons of calcium 
carbonate and one ton of magnesium carbonate. If it was a cell-sized 
tank it might be two picogram of calcium carbonate and 1 picogram 
magnesium carbonate. It depends on the level you want to achieve. I just 
mixed the powder in a 2:1 ratio and added some of that mix until I got 
to the hardness I wanted.

Jerry Baker
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