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Re: [APD] Storing large amounts of RO water & reconditioning RO water

Steve B wrote:
>   How do I know my water is truly purified by my RO filter?  I took an RO sample I bought from my LFS and an RO sample I made with my new filter to a 3rd party tester (another LFS-big-box (petco).  The RO water from my LFS was 7.0 pH with 0 salinity (they couldnt test for hardness).  The RO water I made was 8.0 pH with 0 salinity.  I figure as long as all the salinity (sodium) is removed it is OK, and the pH difference could come from my area water supplier's notorious daily pH swings.  If my pH is so alkaline (8.0) today, it could be 6.5 tomorrow. 

A conductivity meter will help here. You probably don't need to buy one, 
but you could probably take a sample to your chemistry lab. My R/O water 
comes out around 30 uSiemens from tap water around 500.

>   How do I reconstitute my RO water?  I know there is such a thing as "too pure."  Do I add crushed coral?  Crushed limestone?  Baking soda?  Aquarium salts?  What do you suggest?  I "assume" I am starting from pure water and would like to add some kind of RO-Right or remineralization solution.  

I used to use a mix of 2 parts calcium carbonate to 1 part magnesium 
carbonate. It's a little cloudy for a few hours, but goes away 
relatively quickly. The benefit is that you now know you only have a 
carbonate buffer in the system which allows accurate CO2 calculations.

Jerry Baker
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