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Re: [APD] A not-very planted tank

With too little light, you're begging for that pale red-brownish color of algae, and plants that may linger but only limply. 
If you want low maintenance, let the plants be a key part of filtration, give them enough light to work, say at least 1.5 to 2 wpg. Water sprite is agood choice if you will  be checking on the tank regularly/weekly. As a floating plant, it's easy to trim but tends to need trimming often, at least weekly if it's floating (up by the lights and, at the water surface) getting plenty of CO2 from the air. By floating the sprite , you wan't need as much light as otherwise. And the Anubias don't mind it dim, but at the ose levels, don't expect to ever see them grow, but merely linger.

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AZ Burns wrote:
> Is the lighting sufficent for a floating plant cover and to get enough light 
> down to the plants below, or would more lighting be advisable?
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