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[APD] Sorry

I believe Stuart Halliday wrote this email section below:
> I believe Vaughn Hopkins wrote this email section below:
>> I just found the aquarium of the future, 
>> http://www.elsewareinc.com/index_elseware.htm
>> (just click on products, then enjoy the top center product) and it 
>> looks like a 55 watt AH Supply light kit would fit perfectly too.  
>> Water changing would be a snap - push the handle and it's done!  I'm 
>> still looking for the appropriate heater.  Isn't modern design 
>> wonderful?
> This is a PORN Site, don't visit it!
> Ban this guy.

Ok I really need to apologise to everyone on this group and Vaughn.

I read the posting late last night and visited the website.

I saw the word 'ashhole' several times, a near naked woman and a flesh 
coloured object which to me looked very phallic on the page!

I quickly left the site as I thought it was a pornographic site. It 
obviously isn't anything of the sort.

Very sorry to upset Vaughn and people on this group.

Grovel grovel forgiveness....?

Stuart Halliday
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