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[APD] Moving out sale...

Hey guys,

I'm moving out of my house on short notice and need to sell/consolidate my 
aquarium equipment.

Here's my situation: I've got a 40 breeder, lights, filter, substrate, and 
CO2 system ready to bet set up but I'm lacking a stand and canopy for it. 
The lighting is an AHSupply refit so I need a wooden canopy and would like 
to get a pre-made stand/canopy to complete the setup.

Here's a list of the hardware I'm willing to part with. Basically I either 
want enough $$ to buy the stand and canopy myself or if you have one 
available that's in decent shape I'm willing to entertain any serious trade 
offer for the following.

2.5g, 5.5g, 10g
Numerous 10g glass tops
15w 16" light suitable for a 5.5 with an extra unused bulb. (I think they're 
PowerGlo or the like)
Various heaters and powerheads
In-tank ProfiStar CO2 reactor
AC500 (needs a new media carrier, but otherwise works well)
Various small HOB powerfilters
250w MH ballast and mogul socket. I removed the reflector so you'll need a 
new one.

Eheim ECCO 2233 (I believe)
2x36/55w AHSupply refit kit with 36w bulbs
1x 36/55w AHSupply refit kit with 36w bulb
2x13w AHsupply refit with 2x50/50 bulbs (comes in a canopy/housing for a 

I've also got a 29g with an AGA open frame MDF "breakdown" stand and a 2x65w 
PC Corallife Aqualight that I'm willing to part with.

If someone's willing to offer enough I'd entertain the idea of selling the 
CO2 system that goes with it. 5lb with Milwaukee regulator w/solenoid and 
RedSea Reactor200 diffusor w/bubblecounter. This is in really good shape and 
has only been used since September. I'm only considering selling this to 
make sure I have enough $$ to buy plants after moving. Offers over $100.00 
only please.

I'm going to be at the house the evening of Friday March 3rd through Sunday 
March 5th (moving day). That's the only window of time available to pick 
this stuff up. Pick up only in the Charlotte, NC area. No shipping 

Please email off-list with offers/inquiries.

Thank you,

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