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Re: [APD] driftwood

Thanks for the information on driftwood Scott.
As far as Cedar goes I believe Scott is correct saying that they are  
different. I have a nice piece of cedar in my planted Discus tank and all of the  
fish appear fine and the water doesn't change color.
When I collect driftwood before I put it in my tank, I power wash it and  
then boil it. I have a big pot that I cook crawfish in so I can boil some  nice 
size pieces of driftwood, I have to boil one side then the other on bigger  
pieces. Anyway when I boiled the piece of Cedar it was one of the cleanest  
pieces of wood I ever boiled. A lot wood turns the water pretty brown but the  
cedar left the water pretty clear. The water did have a nice cedar smell even  
though it was clear.
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