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Re: [APD] driftwood

Don't cut too wide a swath with that axe! 
While they would not be my first choices -- other woods have nicer properties and are more attractive -- all cedars are not the same -- not even the same family. 
The fact that some cedarbark tends to repel certain insets is often taken as evidence that all things cedar are poisonous in all ways to all things. That is not the case. Nor are all pines unworthy of aquarium use (Australian pine comes to mind), although I would guess all those indignenous to the USA would be unsuitable.
But when in doubt, pass on it or soak it in a bucket and afterwards, try some feeders in the bucket.
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i spoke with wilma duncan (google Wilma's Home on the Web) who does a bit  of 
collecting and sells driftwood and  inquired about using wood from  
evergreens in an aquarium.

i quote " Do not use woods such as cedar and pine as they contain resins  
which will leak into the water column and are poisonous."

i think this would apply to all conifers.
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