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Re: [APD] HC and Cory's

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> I believe Billionzz at aol_com wrote this email section below:
> >>>> Can Cory's be kept with HC, is anyone been successful at  his?<<<
> > 
> > It seems that no one had the answer to the above question.
> >  
> > Is it that most people don't keep HC or is it that most 
> people don't 
> > keep Cory's?
> I've got plenty Corys. Just no HC.

I have several Cory's and my kids drink Hi-C.  Is that close enough?

No, but seriously, some people (despite the link posted earlier) may not
know what HC is.  The more common way would be to actually post the
name.  Until the link was posted I had no idea what HC was.  If it had
been stated as HEMIANTHUS CALLITRICHOIDES I would have known and been
able to say, no I don't have any.


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