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Re: [APD] algae bar

Why not simply add copper sulfate in drip form?

It's extremely cheap and is used just like chlorine. 
It's been used to clear up algae in ponds for over 60 years.
Nothing new there, the delivery method is all that's "new".

Copper is copper and the toxicity is variable depending on
alkalinity. If you wanted a continuous process, Ozone generators
have far better dispation of the toxic element, the by product
will be O2, not copper. Ultrasound is gone after the sound is
turned off and works well in pools, water tanks, etc also. UV
same deal but has to be placed inside the tube. 

Copper will build up over time if it's not exported somehow. 
There is no atmospheric component, quite unlike ozone and

Copper sulfate is very cheap also and does not ever "break".

If you want to kill algae in your tank, learn how to grow
plants. Same for ponds/koi etc.

If you cannot have plants in the main pond, make a side
loop/channel and run the water through a small wetland. 

Tom Barr



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